A Guide To Seasonal Eating

A Guide To Seasonal Eating

fresh seasonal vegetables on table
Eating seasonal simply means trying to eat the fruit and vegetables that naturally grow in the season or month you are in. With most produce now available year-round and being imported from other countries, seasonal eating has been disregarded in recent years, however, there are some great reasons to give it a try. 
When the British public was questioned, less than one in ten people knew when the most well-known fruit and vegetables are in season. If you are one of the people who are unsure, don’t worry as our guide will help you understand why you should be eating seasonally and where you can find out what is in season, easily!

Get Creative In The Kitchen

By choosing seasonal ingredients you will be encouraged to try new recipes and also feed your body with the seasonal recipes it often craves. Think warming greens in a soup, roasted parsnips and sweet potato in winter. Sweet nectarines are in season in Summer, along with soft fruits which we all prefer in the warmer months. Eating seasonally doesn’t need to be complex, in fact, it’s really very simple and meals can be pulled together with just a few ingredients. 

Supporting Local Shops 
Knowing when produce is in season and how to make the most of this when cooking is really helpful, especially if the availability of the products you usually use is not available. Another important reason for eating seasonally is that you can enjoy UK grown fresh produce and buy from local suppliers, farm shops and support small businesses. 

Better Tasting
There is a reason why tomatoes always taste so good when you’re on holiday, it’s because they’re most likely to be locally grown and seasonal! Growing produce in its natural environment means it is packed with more flavour indwell be fresher as it was grown closer to home and not sat on supermarket shelves for long periods of time. 

Easier On Your Purse

By buying produce when it’s at the peak of its season, you will actually be buying at a better price as the supply is greater. Not only are you buying a better quality product, but you’re also potentially saving money and supporting local shops. Win-win!
Ok, you now know why you should be eating more seasonal fruit and vegetables so now you need to know what’s in season and when. The best way of quickly finding out is by using the Seasonality Table on the BBC Good Food website. It breaks food down into categories, type and then months. We’ll link it here. 
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