Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends of 2020

Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends of 2020

Spending so much time in our homes in more recent weeks has given us all reason to reconsider how we want our homes to look and feel. Often the kitchen is a busy hive of activity for many families, where the room serves multiple functions other than simply preparing and cooking food. It’s a place for us to eat together as a family, read the newspaper with a cup of coffee in the morning, and for children to do their homework whilst sat at the dining table.

We’re looking at the most popular kitchen trends of the year for whatever function your kitchen serves you. Whatever your budget, these trends serve as inspiration for you to rethink what small changes you can make to update your kitchen to fit with your lifestyle for 2020.

1. Go Bold with Colour

The painted kitchen has been a popular trend for years, wherein previous years many have opted for neutral cabinetry for a more traditional finish. This year, spice up your kitchen with pops of bold colours. Try painting your kitchen island in a bold blue, like Pantone’s colour of the year Classic Blue, similar to how Plain English have in their kitchen below. It’ll offer your kitchen a breath of fresh air, and paired with colourful accessories, such as our popular cotton striped tea towels, your kitchen will be the real heart of your home this year. Our Striped Cotton Drill Tea Towels and Thick Cotton Drill Mini Check Striped Tea Towels both in Blue and Teal happen to be the perfect match.

Blue Kitchen Theme for 2020 by Plain English

2. Dark Kitchen Themes

It can be a scary thought to focus your colour theme around dark colours, but don’t be afraid to try something new. Rather than working with contrasting colours, more designers are layering dark-on-dark to create a sophisticated and dramatic new look, like Neptune have done so below. Our black and white Striped Cotton Drill Tea Towels compliment monochrome and dark kitchen themes.

Neptune Kitchen using dark painted cupboards

3. Hide the Clutter

Long gone are the days of losing our herbs and spices to the depths of a deep drawer, only to be discovered years later. Be clever with storage and opt for fold-out larder cabinets with multiple layers of shelving, like Neptune’s Limehouse Larder Cabinet as pictured below. Clutter should no longer be seen, especially when there are now options to disguise and re-order everything. A pared-back kitchen needs simple accessories to complement its design, and our Basket Weave Striped Cotton Tea Towels in grey do just the job. Check out our blog on How to De-Clutter Kitchen if you need a little help getting your kitchen organised too!

Neptune Larder Cabinet to hide the clutter

4. Marble Kitchen Trend

Carrera marble has been a popular favourite for kitchen counters as it’s light colour and attractive pattern adds texture and lightness to any design. It’s here to stay in 2020, complimenting almost any painted kitchen design. Pair with our Cornwall Chic Striped Tea Towels in blue for a light, fresh and summery kitchen this year.

Marble used in kitchen trends in 2020

5. Going Green

In 2020 it’s not enough to use sustainable materials in your kitchen, although this is a certain trend on the rise. You’ll see more kitchens with cabinetry painted in various shades of green and integrating botanicals as part of their design. If painting isn’t an option, simply try bringing more plants inside to add colour, depth and texture. Try adding your own pop of green with our Woven Textured Check Tea Towels.

DeVol Green Kitchen

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