We’re working towards being plastic free!

We’re working towards being plastic free!

Breaking up with single use plastic is no mean feat. From food to packaging and cleaning products, plastic waste is everywhere. Just like how using a reusable water bottle instead of buying a new one, remembering your bags when doing your food shop and switching to more eco friendly brands, there are ways that we can make more sustainable choices when shopping for home goods too. 

Our goal has been to use zero plastic in our packaging for some time, so we are proud to announce all Sticky Toffee products are being phased to sustainable packaging and we will be plastic free by the end of 2021. Why the end of the year? Well, we have some stock which is already in plastic packaging but as this sells out, any new stock will come in the plastic free packaging. We don’t want to create more unnecessary waste and feel it’s better to sell the products we have and phase out the plastic this way. 

We’ve worked hard to source plastic free packaging which is both eco-friendly and protects your order, offering you a more sustainable way to shop for home textiles which are ethically made and kind to the planet. 

So what have we used instead of plastic? Good question, we now pack all our tea towels in a protective card box which can be recycled after use. 

Creating a well rounded, ethical business is integral to our ethos. It’s not simply a nice to have, it’s the way our business operates at every level from the manufacturing of our home textiles to how they arrive at your home. 

Here's what we do to ensure our products are produced in the most fair, safe and legal way.

  • The factories all run off 100% renewable energy
  • Our factories provide onsite medical care and childcare
  • Our solar and wind farms provide whole towns with electricity
  • We provide a free care home for elderly relatives of staff
  • No labour under 18 yrs old
  • We provide health clinic facilities to the local community
  • 93% of the water used for printing and dying is recycled 
  • Throughout our entire supply chain we ensure that we follow a 100% discharge method which means nothing from the process is released into the earth
  • All our products are made in our own manufacturing units in India. We are part of a family owned textile company into its 5th generation which first started exporting to the UK in the 70s.

Have a question about our sustainability pledge? Drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help. 

Ready to shop our ethical tea towels with FREE UK delivery? Browse our wide range of kitchen textiles in colours and patterns to suit your kitchen decor here. 

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